About My Short Stories

For me, writing started as a way of entertaining myself as a child. I’ve always had a big imagination and I was often thought of as a dreamer growing up. Initially, writing was a huge challenge for me as I struggled with dyslexia. During this time I was afraid of anyone reading my stories, but these days I have a lot more self confidence and that was always half my problem. 


Writing short stories, for me is a knack! Most of them are inspired by images, quotes, or personal experiences. Sometimes I can take a name, put them in an environment and go from there. When this happens I tend not to know where the story is going, it pretty much writes it’s self! The knack that I believe I have is to be able to sit down and write without giving much thought as to where it’s headed, and if I like the character my imagination does the work for me. Some of my short stories have developed into novels, and when that happens it becomes a whole different ball game!


Unlike writing novels which are hard work, short stories in my opinion are moments in time. I have to write short stories quickly or the moments lost! This is why I love flash fiction so much, I find it the perfect learning tool for any writer and it is ultimately where my story telling began! With that said, I know I have a lot to learn but I’m happy to share the process with all of you and hope you enjoy what I write!


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